The technophobe starts a blog

There’s so much about writing that nobody tells you. For one thing, nobody ever mentioned the whole “platform” concept to me until – oh, six months or so ago. If anyone had asked me, I’d have said a writer’s platform was probably where she put her desk. Was I in for a surprise!

Apparently, a platform is a thingy on which you stand to yell at the world that you have a book. Still no problem for me – I know a nail goes pointy-end-down. I know the cardinal rule of building stuff – measure twice, cut once. Right?

Boy, did I have a lot to learn!

I have a blacksmith friend who told me that working with hot iron is exactly like working with clay except you don’t push it with your fingers. (Ow!) Sooner or later someone is going to tell me that building an electronic platform is exactly like building one out of two-by-eights except you don’t put it together with a hammer and nails.

Well, here I am. There’s a pile of electronic lumber and, over here in this toolbox, I know there has to be something I can use as a hammer.

Bear with me while I figure it out. Where’s my tape measure?

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7 Responses to The technophobe starts a blog

  1. Christopher James says:

    Elizabeth! It looks good! Not bad for a self-confessed techonophobe. I look forward to popping in from time to time to enjoy your platform.

  2. David Kinraid says:

    Well, I guess that in Ontario, when the weather gets so cold that even electrons can’t flow along a wire, having a hammer would be damned fine and dandy!

  3. Angie Gallop says:

    You go girl! I’ll help hammer!


  4. etaoin says:

    looks great, Elizabeth!!

  5. gay degani says:

    YAY Elizabeth. Now you need to add the feed. RSS. Google it and they’ll give you the html to add it to your site. Then I can get your feed on my blog.

  6. A. Pearl Graham says:

    Here, borrow my virtual tape measure. 😉

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