She shoots, she misses, she misses, she misses…

…but then – SHE SCORES! Hooray!

I resist goal-setting. I think it’s part of my self-image as an artist. You know; artists are disorganised, they’re random, they don’t do things the way other people do, blah, blah, blah.

This January, however, instead of a doomed-from-the-start New Year’s Resolution, I set a writing goal. Unlike my resolutions, I’ve managed not only to stick to this goal, but even to exceed it in one particular.

I call my goal “Mission Submission”. Here it is.

Submit at least two hundred stories to paying venues or contests with cash prizes. Attain twenty sales or wins.

All right, my original goal was fifty stories, and no specified number of sales. But I’d reached the fifty goal by the fifth of March. I suppose I could have rested on my laurels, but I’d made the mistake of announcing my goal in my online writing group. I couldn’t stop at fifty; my writing buddies wouldn’t let me.

“Up the goal!” they yelled (sounding like soccer hooligans). “Fifty? Five hundred!” one of them howled. I compromised at two hundred and added the sales goal.

So here I am, just over halfway through the year. I have submitted 142 pieces. 71 have been rejected and 13 accepted.  Some days there’s nothing but rejection in my inbox, but last week, when I opened my email and found seven rejections, a maybe and an acceptance, the rejections didn’t bum me out. I’m used to the ratio now – three or four (or five, six, seven, eight) rejections – and that one golden note that says, “We’d love to publish your story….” Almost as good are the rejections that ask me to send more, try again. What that means is that I probably do have something they want – this just isn’t it.

The downside to this is that the damn goal-setting crap works. Now I’m going to have to do it.

You realize this is going to ruin my self image as a disorganized artist.

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2 Responses to She shoots, she misses, she misses, she misses…

  1. Pauline Clark says:

    Hey Elizabeth:
    Your blog is fantastic! Keep it up…I’m fascinated and I’ve added it to my Google Reader!

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