Measure twice, cut once…

…and keep puttin’ those nails pointy-end down. I continue to learn on-the-go how to construct my platform. I’ve been impersonating a computer geek lately. I mean, what else would you call it when a self-confessed technophobe is the webmistress for three sites and two Facebook pages? Plus I’m on LinkedIn. How the hell did that all happen?

What pleases me about my incipient geekdom more than anything else is that for several weeks I have not been provoked to tears of frustration by a wayward bit of code.  This is a huge accomplishment; I have been known to go completely off the deep end when my printer told me that it absolutely couldn’t print this document in black and white. I’ve been stoked to fuming rage by tech-so-called-support whose final solution to anything is to try to convince me that I should re-install my operating system.  I’ve yelled at my monitor – like it’s the monitor’s fault. I mean, really, the poor thing only shows me what the computer tells it to.

So I’m more than delighted to have figured out, even temporarily, how to insert pictures into my blog posts. See? Here’s a jack-in-the-pulpit, growing in the wilds of what was once my herb garden, to prove it.

I say “temporarily” because this morning when, on my other soon-to-be-announced blog, I tried to post a picture, it did – nothing. Nada. Zip, zilch, zero. That’s a problem, because while this blog is driven by writing, the other is largely pictorial. Of course that’s the one I can’t insert photos into.

But I am not disheartened. See, I’ve sent a question about it into the wizards at the help desk. Now one of two things will happen. One – some expert will explain to me, gently and in small words, and without once telling me how utterly dumb I am, how to insert the pictures into the blog. And it’ll work. Or, Two – the gremlins who live in my computer will decide they’ve had enough laughs at my expense for now (and besides, they’ve made me ask the wizards for help) and will allow the computer to do what it’s supposed to do and insert the pictures.

Or possibly both things will happen. Either way, eventually I’ll get this sorted.

And now I’ve ‘fessed up to my bordering-on-total incompetence. That’s okay. Everyone has to start somewhere.

Meanwhile enjoy the jack-in-the-pulpit. And keep that tape measure handy.

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One Response to Measure twice, cut once…

  1. commonfright says:

    Technology has done crazy things to the writer’s platform. I’m glad to hear that you’re handling it better than most of us!

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