Weather today: inspiration sleeting through the universe

To paraphrase Terry Pratchett: “Inspiration sleets through the universe looking for a receptive mind.”

Just because I have a capital-P Project in hand, one to which I want to devote all my writing time and energy, it seems more of those little particles are hitting the receptive areas of my mind. It doesn’t matter where I go – I can’t duck them.

Yesterday my husband and I went out for breakfast to The Pepper Mill in Thessalon. They do a good breakfast – excellent food, not too expensive to make it a regular treat, good service. I like to go out for breakfast for three reasons. One, I didn’t cook it. Two, I won’t be cleaning up after it. But three, and most important, is that when David and I go out to breakfast, we have to sit and talk to each other. None of this me-in-the-kitchen-him-in-the-plant-room stuff. No dog, no phone, no distractions from talking to each other.

The killer is that when you put us together and let us talk, we get ideas. Before I was done my coffee and David his tea, we had come up with another business idea for both me and the pet store, one which we think will work. He has some research to do for it, and I have some research, too, and all the writing. Most of my research for it is already done, and quite a bit of the writing is cut-and-paste from stuff I’ve already finished, but I still find this new idea exciting. And I want to work on it.

Before you suggest that I stop talking to my husband, let me assure you it would do no good at all. I have a game idea based on biology kicking its heels in my mental waiting room and several contest, grant and anthology deadlines sulking and muttering “No fair! We were here first….”

But, of course, I’ve committed to this Penguin Books deadline.

Today I have a couple of story ideas rapping at the forebrain. “Hell-o-o-o-o? Anyone home?” Yes, I’ve hung the “Go away, I’m writing!” sign on the door, but you know story ideas. They ignore signs, just walk right in, plop themselves down on the couch and say, “Well, I’m here. Is there coffee or something?”

Yup, instant in the cupboard. Help yourself. Make some for the deadlines, too. I’m gonna be a while.

Gotta feed the penguin.

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7 Responses to Weather today: inspiration sleeting through the universe

  1. lucinda kempe says:

    Funny and charming not. Reminds me of a journal entry. A well written one. Cozy but not too. And I love the two of you sitting and getting ideas – inspiring each other. Nice.

    I’m editing oldies. I finally realized the only thing that interests me is writing about myself – how’s that for indulgent? There are so many stories there to draw on. Not egocentric ‘Look at moi’ but tales with resonance. Jeez, you’d think I wodda realized that Bfo? Ha.

    Glad you have your blog so I can catch up with you and your tales! Keep posting. I’ll keep reading!

  2. lucinda kempe says:

    Edit: Funny and charming Note, not not. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Hep. w/ de spellin. Ok, I’m in the right place!

  3. Lucinda, you make me laugh! And, yes, you have great stories to tell. By all means, draw on your autobiographical stuff – you have a wonderful voice!

  4. Autumn says:

    Congratulations on your 1,000 hits, Elizabeth! I’m wondering if it counts when I read your posts from my email? Interesting question, yes? Because normally that’s what I do, read the e-mail and don’t go to the site. So if you add all of those people who read it in their e-mail… WOW!

  5. Janet says:

    I have a sign that I hang on the door of my office if I’m busy. “I love you. However, unless you are bleeding profusely from the head or a bone is protruding through the skin, please do not disturb.” My oldest has trudged up two flights of stairs only to read the sign, sigh, and retreat. My husband, on the other hand, ignores the sign and walks in. Go figure… I enjoy your blog immensely.

  6. ecreith says:

    Thanks, Autumn! I have no idea if the email hits count. Janet, I love your sign! My husband and I, when one of us wants to get something done and the other is hovering, say “I love you, darling. F*ck off.” It works.

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