Stop me before I write more!

The other night my husband and I sat on the couch with tea – we do this sometimes, when he can drag me away from the writing. Actually it’s not quite that bad; he’s home two days a week and I spend most of that time with him.

You notice I said “most”.

Sometimes he has Stuff To Do – plants to prune or water or rearrange, something – and I can often sneak in a few paragraphs while he’s doing that. But we spend most of our time together. Sometimes we talk about, well, writing.

I describe my best beloved as semi-literate, by which I mean he reads, but he doesn’t write. He hates to write. He learned this in school, and he’s quite adamant about not unlearning it. When I was in Ireland at my grandmother’s for two weeks, he never sent me one letter. He wrote me one, but by the time he got it done the only way he could have got it to Ireland before I left was by teleporter. He handed it to me when I got home.

The fact that he hates writing himself doesn’t stop him from being proud of me, and interested in what I do. He calls himself my “amuse”, because he does come up with ideas that make me laugh. Some of them make it into stories. He’s also usually willing to discuss what I’m currently working on, and to bounce ideas around with me.

When I did the three-day novel contest, I had three ideas for a novel and chose one. The YA novel I’m currently doing is the second, and I have a third in the wings. I also have a short story that has a lot of potential as a novel, and that’s the one we were discussing this past weekend. At some point I opened my mouth and heard this coming out of it:

“I think I might do NaNoWriMo this year and get the first draft of the dragon novel done.”

“Maybe you should do that,” he said.  

It’s not as wild as it sounds, really. I’m home all day – NaNoWriMo has a goal of 50,000 words in thirty days, which is 1,667 words per day. Now, to be fair they say they aren’t really concerned about quality, only quantity. It’s about word-count, that’s all. I could write 1,667 words of gibberish every day, or really bad prose, or stream-of-consciousness. But I don’t think I’ll be doing that.

I’ll be done this young adult novel, and done the rewrite, and I’ll have shipped it off to Penguin. I’ll be ready for a new project, and, frankly, two thousand words per day looks like a piece of cake from here.

Check out the song (the link is under “Favourite Sites”) and the website ( under “Ampersand’s Writing Sites”).

In the meantime, I’m still feeding that penguin. I’m ahead of schedule and now think that I’ll be done that first draft by the end of September. My little cheerleading penguins are jumping up and down with excitement!

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