Time to celebrate!

At the beginning of 2010 I set myself a goal – fifty submissions to paying venues or contests with cash prizes. I exceeded that goal in March and upped it to 200, and added another goal: twenty sales or wins.

On Friday I received notice of my twentieth acceptance. I’d submitted the story long ago, and had pretty much given up on the market, when the editor emailed to see if the story was still available. So I said, yes, if he wanted it.

I bought a bottle of bubbly to celebrate. You know about bubbly – once you’ve opened it, you have to drink it all, because the bubbles disappear. Life is hard.

Here are the pieces I sold, and the publications that took them, in no particular order

True Confessions – The Verb
The Mermaid’s Smile – Random Eye
Sheep Skipping – Ladybug Magazine
Bitch – DF Underground
The Primate of Rome – Lacuna
The Balloon Man – Silver Blade
One Day in the Caucasus Mountains – Liquid Imagination
Self-Taught Witch – Hazard Cat
An Evening at the Circus – Dog Oil Press
Kitsune – Every Day Fiction
The Sea Witch’s Story – Enchanted Conversation
Counterculture – Nil Desperandum
Frozen Pipes – Hearts of the Country
The Monsters’ Trick-or-Treat – Death Rattle
Three of Swords – Misfit Magazine
A Whispering Voice – Brain Harvest
Feline and Demiurge – Silver Blade
Here be Dragons – Bull Spec
I also had two pieces win prizes in the Northwestern Ontario Writers’ Workshop writing competition.
Dark Chocolate – first place, flash fiction
Wheel of the Year – second place, poetry

It’s been a stellar year for my writing – all this and the first draft of a second novel and a non-fiction book.

Does it get better? Well, there’s still almost three months of 2010 to go. I guess I’ll just have to see.

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