The binge! The binge!

Today I’m heading into Thessalon to spend three solid days of writing with Angie and Gordon and Ali and Terry and Kevin. We all have projects to work on, and the binge is a way to get a big chunk of work done with minimal distraction.

No TV. No movies. No radio. No phone. No music with words. Everyone is responsible for some meals and some cleanups. Everyone gets a lot done.

I plan to get a big chunk of “Here be Dragons” done this weekend, and possibly also an outline for a knitting book I’ve been working on for years.

I know binge writing doesn’t have a good reputation. Many writers feel that instead of bingeing, you should be writing steadily every day. Well, yes, that, too. A binge, for me, is like a big push that can get the wheels rolling over a difficult time. It’s artificial discipline, and working in company, even if we’re all working quietly on our own projects.

My first binge was the Three-Day Novel contest in 2007. That showed me the importance to me of having a deadline for my work. I got the first draft of a novel finished, and that was a first for me. Now I use binges as a way to push through a difficult patch. I have a deadline. I have to write.

We haven’t had a binge since Labour Day weekend – life gets in the way, what with new babies and all kinds of other excitement. But we’re all ready for another one, and we all have things we need to get moving and keep moving.

Now I’m off to put on my coat and get the laptop into the car. Oh, yes, and the hound – Sky will be coming with me, to fulfil her function of getting me off my butt and moving from time to time.

I’ll check in on Monday and let you know how it’s going.

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