Between Monday night and yesterday afternoon, I’ve been thrown for a loop. Monday morning I was plugging away at my goal of finding an agent for The Swan Harp. Tuesday evening, although I’m not signed with anyone yet, I seem to be working with one.

So, an update on yesterday’s post: I had a lovely long email from the agent who asked about The Swan Harp. She said that I had a “unique and gripping premise” for my story, but that it needed a lot of work. Then she gave me a couple of pages of changes she thought the story needed.

Since then I’ve been feeling dizzy, elated, scared and disbelieving all at once. Not what I expected at all.

See, I thought I’d be cool about this. It’s what I’ve been working for, and I’d settled myself in for a long, hard grind before I got so much as a nibble. I’d even set myself a goal: one hundred rejections for my manuscript. That meant that each rejection was one more step to my goal – kind of an odd way to take out the sting, but you do what you can.

Now I have what amounts to a rewrite request. And I’m up for it – as soon as I get my feet back on the ground. Last night my husband, calling just before he left work, asked if I needed some rocks for my pockets to keep my feet on the floor. (I have a sizable collection of fossils and other rocks – if those weren’t doing it, then there was nothing he could bring me.)

The suggestions all look like things that will improve the story, or at least, they did on that first read-through. Now I have to take them and go through my manuscript and mark up where I need changes and what I need. I knew I was going to have to do another draft, and I wanted to wait until I had someone to work with. Now I do.

This is the part where writing becomes a not-so-solitary pursuit, I guess. I still have to work alone, but I feel like I have someone in my corner. Of course I’ve had a brilliant cheering section in my friends, both writers and others, and that’s invaluable. Now I feel like I’ve also got the support and advice of someone who’s knowledgeable in the publishing business.

It’s going to be a wild ride. With loops.

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5 Responses to Looping

  1. dawncallison says:

    Congrats, Elizabeth! Goal accomplished while cutting out the hardest part–a hundred rejections!

  2. Zin Kenter says:

    Congratulations, Elizabeth! This is wonderful news! Here is to a wild and loopy and wonderful ride for you!

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