Bingeing again

This weekend is To the Point’s quarterly writing binge – a weekend of eating, sleeping and writing. Each of us prepares and cleans up after one meal a day, and the rest of the time is devoted to whatever project we have on the go.

I’m not working on The Swan Harp this weekend, surprise, surprise. Instead, I want to get another project out of the way so I can devote myself full-time to the major reading and rewriting that The Swan Harp will require. I’m planning to recast my Shepherd in Residence letters from my CBC gig of the same name into book form. I have some other pieces to incorporate into the mix, and probably another 5-8,000 words of new writing. Considering how well a binge usually goes for me, I think I can break the back of this project by Monday night.

It’ll be fun to revisit my shepherding days. Sometimes I miss the sheep, but I don’t miss the fencing. That’s fencing with insulators, wire, a fencing tool and a charger that rams (ha!) 8,000 volts through those wires once per second, not fencing with a foil. Much more dangerous pursuit, and the clothing doesn’t make you look as svelte. You also don’t get anything like the admiration.

This project also has been funded in part by the tax payers of Ontario, bless them, courtesy of the Ontario Arts Council and Your Scrivener Press in Sudbury, which recommended me for a Writers’ Reserve grant this year. So in addition to being my chosen vocation, working on this project is also my civic duty.

Life, you know, is very hard. Oh, yes.

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2 Responses to Bingeing again

  1. lucinda says:

    A shepardess as well! Ah, EC. So full of secrets. Happy binging!

  2. I am vast. I contain multitudes!
    Have I mentioned I was once a private eye?

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