New Fairy Tales

I’m really excited because the Aurora Wolf book of New Fairy Tales is out! The editor, Michael Pennington, told me this morning that he’s sending out my copy in the next couple of days. My story “Jane and the Wizard” made the cut, and I was completely delighted!

This is the first time I’ve made it into a legitimate fiction anthology, by which I mean one that pays its authors. I realize I’m opening myself up to a lot of criticism around the word “legitimate”. So be it. I don’t think it’s legitimate to expect writers to jump through hoops and produce their best work without pay, and I’m afraid I’m welded to that point of view. Two experiences in which I had to buy an anthology in which my work had been printed without payment have well and truly established my hard-line attitude.

The whole experience with Aurora Wolf and Michael has been good. Although there have been delays in getting the final anthology out, they’ve been related to some difficulties finding illustrators. When the original call for entries was posted, the estimated response time was two weeks. I certainly got my response within that time. When the original publication date was postponed, Michael sent out an email to let us know.

You can buy the New Fairy Tales anthology at for the bargain price of $11.99.

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