Happy Anniversary!

All right, I’m jumping the gun just a tad, but it was June 16, 2010 that I posted my first blog entry, “The technophobe starts a blog”.

In the year since then, I’ve gone from being a full-blown techno-idiot to someone who can actually help friends set up a blog – at least on WordPress. I’ve also been a geek for my dad, helping him get a printer driver into his notebook computer.

I deeply enjoy writing about writing – at least some of the time – and I’ve really enjoyed sharing my writing journey with those of you who have been reading this blog. You’ve cheered me through my goals, sympathized with my losses, and I appreciate that so much. I want to give something back, small though it may be, and I’ve decided to run a tiny little contest.

Between now and Monday – that’d be June 20th, I guess – post a comment and pick a number between 1 and 300. What kind of comment? Oh, I don’t know – anything at all. Did you like the penguin? Want to see more of my adorable dog? Wish I’d shut up about The Swan Harp? Or maybe there’s something you want to know about me – go ahead, ask. I might even answer!

I’m going to be offline a lot of the time between now and Monday, mostly at Wild Ginger Witch Camp, but when I get back online, I’m going to draw three numbers out of a paper bag. The three numbers that are closest to the ones I draw will get a copy of one of my handbound mini-books of flash fiction, or a handbound commonplace book. That’s a blank book in which you can write down pithy bons mots, song lyrics and so on. I’ll announce the winners on Monday, and then you can email me your mailing address and I’ll send them out.

In the meantime, thank you all so much for making this blog a success, because it doesn’t matter what I write – if you’re not reading it, I’m talkin’ to myself.

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13 Responses to Happy Anniversary!

  1. escutaoculta says:




  2. etaoin says:

    congratulations!! looking forward to reading the Swan Harp!


  3. lucinda says:

    Happy Anniversary, E C’s Scriptorium!

    Pop-ups, penguins, Swan Harp, punctuation and gramma [huh?], notes, musings, dawdling, dancing, anything tha strikes your fancy you write about, I love. Keep it going! No. 3 for me.

  4. Pauline Clark says:

    Well what the heck! I might as well try win…and on a serious side. I so, so admire your blog. It’s fantastic. You do a great job. You have good sensible things to say about writing and I always value your advice, both on the blog and in person at our writer events! Thank you…and I pick #17 ’cause that’s my birthdate. Have fun at witch camp and do post about it!

  5. tsuwm says:

    EC, of all those that couldn’t make it to MinnieWAP, you’re my biggest regret!
    37… (the top sacred number of the Hell’s Tunas)

  6. Father Steve says:

    Wild Ginger Witch Camp? The imagination reels!

  7. Father Steve says:

    Oh, and make that 199.

    The Old Padre

  8. Zin Kenter says:

    Hello Elizabeth, I am Zin! Happy Anniversary! Let me see… I love Ampersand! I love your Penguins and Doves! I love your Naughty Bits pop ups (do you get more orders for them than for other things?) and I am very happy to have met you last year at Zoetrope and I am glad we have become friends! And I love contests but I never win. I will pick number… 277.
    Have a good time at Witch Camp!

  9. Sunshinewarrior says:

    Hey Lilibet

    Happy Anniversary. I’m sorry I don’t follow this as regularly as I ought – mea culpa – as your writing, here as elsewhere, is fantastic.

    Enjoy Witch Camp.

    Do write more about herps, as I love ’em.

    Don’t stop telling us about The Swan Harp.

    As for my number – you decide: 57 or 273 – I’m comfortable with either.


  10. nancyk says:

    Congratulations on a wonderful year, Elizabeth! I thoroughly enjoy reading your blogs and am looking forward to the publication of The Swan Harp. 47.

  11. Nina says:

    Happy Anniversary! I hope you’ll blog about the Wild Ginger Witch Camp.
    I have a birthmark of the number five on my arm, so of course, I’m going with 5,

  12. Dagny says:

    Happy Anniversary! I’ll take 293.

  13. ecreith says:

    You lot make me feel so good! I suppose it would defeat the point of a contest to send prizes to everybody, but I feel like it when you’re all so encouraging!

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