Back in the saddle again

It’s been over a week since my last post. Wild Ginger was great, but I’m glad to be back, glad to be able to get on line again and back to blogging.

There’s so much to write about witch camp. I arrived to find that although I haven’t been an organizer (officially) for nearly five years, I’d been drafted in absentia to take part in two rituals. I was also the fire-tender (aka Resident Pyromaniac), which meant I was responsible for making sure the fires for the rituals were built, lit, maintained and put out. It’s a job I’m good at, largely because I heated with wood for many years. Nothing teaches you how to keep a fire going like relying on it to heat the house. I always bring my own version of a firestarter – birchbark wrapped around balsam twigs. It catches readily, goes up quickly and burns hot and fast to get a fire going.

It was great to reconnect with friends that I see once a year. This camp was smaller than previous camps I’ve been to – fifty-two people as opposed to eighty-plus – which made it much more intimate. In a way I felt as though the smaller camp population somehow magically created more time. Weird, eh?

I haven’t finished coming down from the experience yet, so I’ll talk more about it later, but it was a wonderful break.

As for the contest, the winners are: sunshinewarrior, Father Steve and Zin Kenter. I had someone else pick the numbers so that I couldn’t possibly be influenced, even subconsciously. Prizes will be going into the mail as soon as the government orders the post office to remove the lockout. Politics, eh? Before Canada Post locked the workers out, they were doing rolling strikes, which slowed stuff down but didn’t stop it entirely. If I were Canada Post, I’d have let well enough alone.

I still have a couple of places to go and some people to harass here in London before I pack up and head home tomorrow to my husband and dog. Among those errands is scoring some real Emmenthaler cheese at the London Market. Oh, yeah!


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2 Responses to Back in the saddle again

  1. Zin Kenter says:

    I won? I am so excited! I never win anything! This is wonderful! Thank you!

    I am so sorry about the mail strike. That is very serious! I complain about all the junk mail I get but I would be very upset to not have mail. I would not get my One Story or my Tin House! My bills are all electronic so I would still get those! That does not seem fair, does it?

  2. ecreith says:

    I’m glad you won, too, Zin! And I’m annoyed about the mail strike, in large part because it was Canada Post who locked out the postal workers. They were keeping the mail moving, although with rotating strikes.
    No, it doesn’t seem fair – bills come, but no cheques!

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