Double time

Right now life is hectic. I’m training five days a week, eight and a half hours a day, for a job which will eventually be a three-day-a-week commitment. After I get off work at five-thirty, I drive up to David’s store and wait for him to close at seven. I do this mainly because I know Sky loves it when the whole pack is together and will be excited and happy to see me. There’s nothing like a dog with her ears laid flat and her rear end wagging as hard as she can wag it, giving you the happy puppy face, to make you feel wanted and welcome.

By the time I’ve had supper, it’s eight o’clock. Quite frankly, it’s hard to think about writing. I’m not working physically hard, but in a new job there’s a lot of information to learn and absorb, especially when you’re starting. It’s beginning to ease up now; what looked like a mountain of new info on Monday morning now seems manageable. All the same, my head sometimes feels full-to-bursting with the new vocabulary and the new skills that come with the job.

Even writing this blog looked impossible tonight – at least before supper. Low blood sugar doesn’t help at all. I also have an article to write for the Sault Star and an editing job for the Dominatrix. One thing at a time, I tell myself, and remember that a lot of the pressure on me is pressure I put on myself.

Take this week, for example. We’ve had several quizzes on new information. Each one is a multiple-choice quiz. On the first one I got two questions wrong out of twenty-eight, and I was really annoyed at myself. I could have missed two more and still made the 85% grade that was considered a pass for the course. It was my first quiz, covering not only information that was all new to me, but also a field in which I hadn’t worked. I was still annoyed at myself. Later I calmed down and pulled it into perspective, especially after I heard a few other people grousing about how they’d done, and seeming much less disturbed by it than I was by my performance.

There’s something exciting as well as trying about learning so much that’s new in this kind of environment. It’s not like the self-directed research I’ve done for years; I have a timetable and curriculum set by someone else. It’s a different kind of discipline. Never mind, I can do this. I’m pretty sure that by next week I’ll be mentally much less tired at the end of a day, and much more capable of getting writing and editing done. And I’ll have to get it done, because during this next year my goal is to build up my writing business to the point where I can live on it, using this job to subsidize that work as long as necessary.

The plan is working already; knowing I have a paycheque coming makes me feel more relaxed and less worried about – oh, the price of gas, or whether I can get a pound of coffee beans or just a quarter-pound. I like that feeling. It’s worth the double-time.

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2 Responses to Double time

  1. Pauline Clark says:

    Glad to hear all is going well. I admire your determination–you go girl!

  2. ecreith says:

    Thanks, Pauline!

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