If you want something done

…give it to a busy person.

It’s been a hectic week. There’s still a lot to learn in the new job, and I found myself mentally exhausted yesterday, and glad of a day off. Well, sort of off. I still have my real job, right? (Or should that be “write”?)

Yesterday I researched and wrote the first part of a six-part series on starting with chickens for the Old Farmer’s Almanac website. I still have to do the bio that will convince the readers I’m the expert, but I’ll get that done today, along with the rewrite on an article on exotic pets for Canadian Living.

Writers’ group meets tonight, and it’s the last meeting I’ll be going to for a while. By the time the next one comes around I’ll be working Sunday nights, and that’s going to go on for a year. I’m sad about that – for five years the writers’ group has been a great support, and a major part of my social life. I love getting together with my writing friends, and I’ll miss it a lot. Fortunately we have a business-of-writing group and critique meetings that happen through the week, so I won’t be totally without writer contact.

I’m feeling a bit shaken up right now, with my schedule all rearranged, but I can see how it’ll work out in the end. In a few weeks I’ll have four days a week at home again, and my writing can get back on track. I’ll also have to get my butt in gear on the grant application for Northern Arts really soon.

I’m starting to have a nice list of regular work; three blogs (two biweeklies and a monthly), and for the next six weeks a fourth one for the Almanac, and articles for the Sault Star. The Dominatrix had a couple of pieces to do this week, so she’s happy – and we want to keep the Dominatrix happy, right?

I’m getting good clips, too, which is going to help future pitches. At the writers’ festival in Elliot Lake, I offered to write articles for the Canadian Writers’ Journal, the only Canadian writers’ publication currently in existence. The publisher said, “I don’t think I can afford you. You sound like an expert.” In other words, I sound like someone who’s worth paying a dollar a word to get. That was good to hear – and I’ll do her an article anyway, just for that!

I have one or two other things I’m considering taking on, not only for the pay, but also for the experience and the look of my resume. Now I can move “for the resume” up to the top of the list of why I’m considering them, because pay isn’t as important anymore. That’s another good thing about the part-time job.

I feel energetic, creative and – best of all – not worried. Confident. That’s doing great things for my writing, even if I am busier than a one-armed paperhanger. Busy is good.

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2 Responses to If you want something done

  1. Hi Elizabeth, Just wanted to let you know that the post is now live on my website recognizing your blog. Thank you for helping me share the blog love, and here’s to your continued success with your blog, writing, and career overall. Thank you for being you and sharing with us on your blog! Here is the post: http://shawndrarussell.blogspot.com/2011/11/writers-wednesdays-liebster-award.html

  2. Lucinda Kempe says:

    “In other words, I sound like someone who’s worth paying a dollar a word to get. That was good to hear – and I’ll do her an article anyway, just for that!”

    Yup, you are worth more than a dollar a word. Good to read your news. Busy is good.

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