Hanging in

It’s been a trying week here at the Scriptorium. I’m still finding it difficult and tiring to try to get enthusiastic about writing after an eight-hour day of learning a lot of new stuff. The good news is that I’m actually absorbing the material quite well. I aced the final on the first try. Monday the class goes out onto the floor to begin taking calls for real. Am I nervous? Just a little. But I’ll be fine. Nobody expects me to be perfect first time out – that is, nobody but you-know-who.

There have been some other things, personal things, that have made it difficult to get writing time or to concentrate when I had it, but the good news is that I’m still managing to stay on top of my writing obligations – except for being a bit late with the blog. Yesterday I wrote the first draft of my second blog post on chickens for Old Farmer’s Almanac, and today I’m going to rewrite and polish and get it in. I have a poet-for-hire gig due on Tuesday morning, and I’m confident of getting that done, too.

What this tells me is that even under difficult circumstances I can produce good work, as good as if I’m relaxed and unstressed by what’s going on around me. That makes me feel like a professional. It makes me feel that I’m good at what I do, and that I can do it reliably. That’s a great feeling, even if I had to wade through some sludge to get to it.

One of the things that happened has required me to move my work commitment at the call centre from part-time to full-time. That sucks in terms of available writing time, but it can’t be helped, and I’m hoping it will be relatively temporary. I’ll just have to make the very best use of the time I have. I’ve already cut some of my online commitments – not totally, but taking a leave of absence – and I’ve resigned from the editorial position at Pressboard Shanty because I don’t think I can do it justice and keep my writing time. And I know which one wins.

I will be keeping my position as managing editor at Aurora Wolf. I’m familiar with what I’m doing, I know how to work with Mike, the publisher, and there isn’t a really heavy load of stories to read. I’m going ahead with the Dominatrix, too, and Poet for Hire. The workload on those, again, is relatively light. If it ramps up, I’ll deal with it then.

So there’s been a shakeup and a shakedown here, and forgive me if I spare you every grisly detail. Really, you’re happier not knowing. But the end result is that I’m still here, still writing and editing, and I’m not going anywhere else anytime soon.

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2 Responses to Hanging in

  1. Some day, you’ll look back on all this and laugh – or, better yet, write a book about it. You truly are a professional. And you’re going to do great at the call center. Hey, you understand “lie” and “lay”, I’d bet on you.

    Sending (((hugs))).


  2. You make my excuses for not writing seem rather weak. Thanks for that!

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