The new routine

Today I start my new routine.

My regular shift at work is 2:00-10:30 p.m., and I’m trying to get four hours of time in the morning before I have to leave for work. This will let me have breakfast, do my aerobics, play with the dog and, most importantly, fit in an hour of writing time.

I’m going to need to be very disciplined about this, because I want to keep up with a number of writing projects, and I also want to build my writing and editing business, so that when it’s time to go part-time at the call centre, I’ll have the income from other sources to do it. Of course The Swan Harp is a priority. I want to keep writing for the Sault Star, although I won’t be doing as much of that as I have to date. I’m starting to get editing work, too. What I have to remember now is to give the business its full name when I’m in public.

Me: (in a restaurant, over coffee)”I have a Dominatrix gig this weekend.”
My husband: “Do you think you could remember to say ‘Writer’s Dominatrix’? At least in public?”

Sure, dear. I’ll try.

I also have four blog or column commitments. Online I’m on Bibliobuffet, Pet Product News and the Old Farmer’s Almanac. In print I have a monthly humour column in the Sault Star. I enjoy this kind of work – it’s mainly humour, and I like writing humour. I have a lot of practice writing in the 400-700 word range, starting with my long-ago radio days, and it’s a length that suits me.

The work at the call centre appeals to that side of me, too. Calls are supposed to be handled quickly. The people calling in don’t want to chat – they want their flat fixed, or their car towed or unlocked so they can get the keys, and they want to know it’s going to happen soon. A call is supposed to take no longer than about six and a half minutes.

So here I go, back into the world of full-time, responsible work. At least I can feel that I’m doing some good in the world, helping out people who are stuck and needing a hand. I’ll still have time to write, and to think about writing and write about writing. I’ll make sure of that.

Excuse me, the Dominatrix has to go and make lunch now.

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One Response to The new routine

  1. So busy! I will pray your health holds up, for when I try such tricks, a nasty cold, or some such, always forces me to acknowledge my humanness. You do not need that!
    But, could you engage a walk/run with the dog on fair days, to combine the aerobics with playing with the dog? I would enjoy that, if we had a dog.
    I am so eager to hear of your successes with all this and do enjoy reading your posts.

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