Me at The Portable You

I’m delighted to be a guest blogger at The Portable You this week. Jennifer Bulman has a lot of experience in helping small businesses, or independents like me, build their business and find clients. She also writes a killer resume!

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3 Responses to Me at The Portable You

  1. Elizabeth,
    It is a delight to feature your writing on The Portable You. So much of what you say about focus, discipline, difficuties and joys applies to all independent professionals and entrepreneurs. You write “out loud” what some of us only think about, and thereby reassure us that we are not alone in our endeavours to live a creative and meaningful life.

  2. Thanks, Jennifer! I’m so happy to be stepping out into the business blogosphere. (Did I really say that?) I’m looking forward to our collaboration this year.


  3. Hi Elizabeth! I’m stopping by from your campaign group. I tagged you in 11 questions on my blog this morning. I’d love for you to come by and check it out!

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