My regularly scheduled schedule

As of tomorrow I will no longer be getting up before the chickens. Instead, I’m returning to what I’ve come to regard as a civilized schedule – working from 4:00 pm to 12:30 a.m.

I realize that this sounds counter-intuitive to most people. At the place where I work, day shift is considered the ultimate achievement, and afternoons – where I like to be – an entry-level shift that you get out of as quickly as possible. If I lived in town, I might agree. If I weren’t trying to keep up a writing business, ditto.

Starting tomorrow, my writing time will be in daylight, before I have to start work. That means I’ll be at my freshest, I’ll have just had my day’s cup of really good coffee, the ideas will be flowing and I’ll be able to see my keyboard. (I’m a really lousy touch-typist, and the screen doesn’t throw enough light for me to see my fingers by.) If you have to be pecked to death by ducks, as I sometimes feel I am by my job, then it helps to have your creative time before rather than after.

I probably won’t be posting as frequently here as I did for the first couple of years. I’ve decided to cut off my home internet. It’s somewhat slower than molasses in January and way too expensive to be worth it. Instead, I’m going to make a financial contribution to my local library to help keep the internet there paid for, and use their high speed.

I originally started this blog for two reasons. One was profile; “they” say you need an internet profile to make it as a writer anymore. “They” are always right, right? (Your choice of sarcastic emoticon here. :-/ ) The second reason, which has been the really important one, is that at heart I’m a teacher. If I love to do something as much as I love art and writing, I want to get other people turned on to it. I want to encourage people who already do some of that to do more, to explore what they could do, and not to be discouraged if they aren’t (yet) as good as they think they could be.

WHen I took my inadvertent month off, I wondered how much I had left to teach, whether I should even go on with the Scriptorium. But during that month, a couple of my fellow writers told me that they found it encouraging and inspiring to watch my progress – or lack thereof – in writing. One of my friends, indeed, tells me that it reassures her when I fail at something. It gives her permission not to be perfect, either.

So I’m still doing some good with this blog, and as long as I feel that’s true, I’ll continue. Maybe I can be a good example. Maybe I’ll become just another horrible warning. Either way works.

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5 Responses to My regularly scheduled schedule

  1. I would be very sorry to see Scriptorium disappear. Even reading you a couple of times a month is encouraging for anyone who writes, or who runs their own business. It allows we cats to look at a Queen – to interact with a published writer. Please do keep it up, Elizabeth, as you are able.

  2. lucinda kempe says:

    You’d better keep tuning in, so we can tune in to witness what it takes to be a writer. You’re it, my dear. Officially a paradigm. Hooray! I’ll be cheering and failing along with you at the side lines.

  3. LadyGrave says:

    Don’t stop blogging! If I can’t check your blog, how will I know when The Swan Harp gets published? It would be totally understandable if you stopped blogging strictly about writing, though. Anything you want to talk about will make interesting blog material! You might find this post by Kristen Lamb interesting; it helped me realize that there can be more to a Writer’s blog than writing advice:

  4. ecreith says:

    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support! LadyGrave, that’s a really good blog. I couldn’t make up my mind if she was being satirical or serious – but I’m not sure it matters, either way. Thinking about it.

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