This weekend the writers’ group is having a binge, at which I hope to get 15-20,000 words written, and shuffle some stuff around so the story is in order. (Right now I’m writing the nose, but it’s still on the chin, and I need to relocate it.) I now know where this story is going, which makes it much easier to bull through the parts where it’s difficult. There are always going to be difficult parts, and any writer who tells you otherwise is blowing smoke.

For now, however, I’m finding the work going well. I distrust the “it just flows” description of work that is – well, working. In my experience, work that “just flows” probably needs some very serious rewriting. What I’d prefer to say is that I find that one incident leads clearly and reasonably to the next, that my characters are behaving in character, and that the reasons for things are apparent to me, which will allow me, in due time, to make them apparent to my readers. None of this is to say that my writing doesn’t need rewriting, because it does. I can already see things that need to be reworked, and details that need to be included in order to make the explanations fit when they happen.

I’m having rather more than a legal amount of fun with two aspects of this book – the fighting and the magic. I wrote 4,000 words yesterday by the time I came to a stopping point, and it was magic and fighting almost entirely. Not to say that the whole thing was one humongous battle, but in any fight there is strategy, then engaging the enemy, then dealing with the results. I enjoy that, and I think I do it well. It requires a lot of thinking, and I’ll probably rewrite almost all of it at least once, but it’s great fun while it’s happening.

I’m also making notes on the culture of the new people I’ll introduce in the third book. The hardest part of that for me is the names of the people. That’s what I struggle most with in the cultures of Valenia and Noermark. It makes you realize how mixed our own culture is, when the names seem to come from nearly every language and culture on Earth. Trying to create a set of names that say “Valenian” or “Noermarker” when you hear them is more difficult than I thought it would be. To top it off, I may have to come up with some swan names. Try to find a reerence book on that! For that matter, try to find examples!

But it’s a great game, building a world and telling stories in it. I’m already looking forward to the novels I have to write after I finish this set of three stories, the worlds I’ll be building and the people I’ll fill them with. I’m looking forward to three days of eat, sleep and write, and pushing through another huge chunk of story. I have absolutely no doubt that not only will I finish this book this summer, I’ll also start the third book. It’s a great feeling.

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  1. I find world-building a lot of fun, too. Good luck with your binge. 🙂

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