Day one!

It’s been an eventful first day of the binge. To start with. last night we had a kick-off dinner, with bubbly to celebrate my grant, and my progress so far on The Last Black Swan. Shortly after midnight I went to bed – staying over at Angie and Gordon’s in their guest room – and a few hours later, Gordon, making a 3 a.m. fridge raid, stepped on the cat at the top of the stairs and took a header straight to the bottom. His head hit the stained-glass window in the front door. Angie woke up, and there was panic and yelling and swearing and a trip to the local hospital, where Gordon got four stitches. Both I and their daughter Cassidy slept blissfully through the whole thing. Gordon now has a spectacular head wound – though no concussion or other serious injury – and a story which is already acquiring humourous addenda.

In spite of all this excitement and stress, and being in charge of lunch cleanup and supper preparation, I managed to get 6,000 words written today. I’m quite surprised because I didn’t seem to be going that fast. Angie often says that the sound of my slow pecking away encourages her. If I, writing at a speed that would leave any serious typist rolling with laughter, can make multi-thousand-word progress on a story, then she can, too. At least, she can on a day that doesn’t involve having to take her best beloved to the hospital to be stitched up and have X-rays.

So now to bed. Tomorrow I have no meals to do, so that will be my workhorse day. Aiming for another 6,000 words at least. The binge rules!

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4 Responses to Day one!

  1. Woo hoo! GO for it, Elizabeth! Keep up the posts!

  2. Glad your binge has been successful, writing-wise so far, despite the cat-related injuries to your host! Hope you find the rest of the weekend equally productive. 🙂

  3. lucinda kempe says:

    Go E! Reading about the work ethic of Virginia Woolf and she, too, plugged away 7 days a week for four hours in the morning. No other way to get all that writing done. Thrilled you are doing what you love full time.

  4. ecreith says:

    Thank you, ladies! I’m so happy to have this opportunity, and I mean to make the most of it. I know where my story is going, and it’s just a matter of, as you say, Lucinda, plugging.

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