Day two!

Gordon’s head still looks rather startling, but he and Angie are both back to writing today. His hand had improved to the point where he could open a beer bottle. Yesterday Erin and Rhea came to write, and today we had Pauline and Ali with us, and everybody is making good progress on their chosen work. Another binge writer, Kevin Allen, writes at his home but joins us for dinner and to read what he’s written that day.

Another productive day – another 6,000 words. Workhorse day it was, but because of changes I made to the story, I had to pull out a lot of stuff and rewrite to fit those changes. Still, I got it done, and am now closing in on 60,000 words total. I can finish this book and start the next one, oh, yeah!

Tomorrow is the home stretch. I’m not going to have 20,000 words done, but I’ll definitely pass 15,000. Three thousand words a day? Maybe not a piece of cake, but not a bowl of liver, either!

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1 Response to Day two!

  1. It was a great writing day. Such a good atmosphere, being around other writers, lightly tap-tap-tapping those keys. It’s like encouragement to keep at it yourself!

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