Day three – it’s a wrap!

Happy hour has just struck here at the writing binge. I wrote something like 4,000-5,000 words today, although it doesn’t show in the count because I also had to cut about 5,000 words that I’d previously written. This is what happens when you move the nose up from the chin to its proper place. Occasionally you have to trim off the moustache.

I’m really pleased with my overall accomplishment. I made it to 16-17,000 new words, and worked out some wrinkles, and I now know where the story is going. I expect I’ll have this draft done in very good time, and lots of time to start the third book. Today there were only four in the binge – Angie, Gordon, Pauline and me.

I am going to have a little drink, and some dinner, and read from today’s work, which got me through a very difficult part of the book. From here it may not be exaclty downhill, but it’s definitely easier than the bit I just did. This is why I love the binges – time to write among other writers, instand feedback, good food and, of course, happy hour!

17,000 words in three days. After this, 2,000 is going to be a piece of cake!

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2 Responses to Day three – it’s a wrap!

  1. Congrats on a successful ‘writing binge’. You’ve inspired me to get back to work on my stuff! 🙂

    • ecreith says:

      Thanks, mywithershins! I love getting big chunks of time to write in, even though it’s usually the case that you can only get much smaller bits. Never mind – progress made! I’m glad I could be an inspiration, instead of a horrible warning!

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