Inspiration strikes

Today was the workhorse day for me because I didn’t have any meals or cleanup to do. I was hoping to get 6,000 words done. The bad news is that I didn’t quite, but the good news is that I figured out the structure of the book and how to use some of the backstory – remember that 30,000 words? – that I wrote earlier. The upshot is that today I added about 11,000 words to the overall story,four or five thousand of which are new words. I’ll probably be able to use a little more of the backstory before I get into stuff that really isn’t going to be useful.

I’m pleased with the day’s work. The reading tonight around the dinner table was great. We’re coming to the conclusion of a story that one of our writers has been working on for several years, and those of us who have been following it are very excited.

I’ve also applied to the call centre to go back to work there. I had trouble with the test, mostly technical problems, so I’ll probably call HR after Labour Day and see if there’s some way to re-take it. But I’m not stressing. And my hand is healing well, and not sore.

So to bed, and on to the last day of the binge, feeling inspired and uplifted by the company of my fellow writers.

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