Break out the bubbly

That’s what we did last night on the last dinner of the writing binge. We had several things to celebrate. One was my grant, the second my completion of the first draft of The Last Black Swan. The third toast we made was to fellow binge writer Kevin Allen, who completed the first draft of the first volume of his science fiction trilogy on this binge.

While I didn’t get 15,000 new words written, I did get 12,000. I also integrated several thousand words from the backstory into the manuscript, and there will be more I can use. I have a feeling this first draft will be rather short, but, hey, it’ll be done. Then it’s back to the world of The Swan Harp to rewrite The Last Black Swan.

This was a particularly good binge because we had a good turnout. Often there are only three or four of us writing at a binge, but we had a grand total of eight participants this weekend. Not all of them were there for all three days, but at one point we had six writers on-site and Kevin working away at his own place. (Yeah, he was, too. We know it because he had something new to read to us when he joined us for dinner!)

I also reapplied to my former employer last night. My summer of writing is coming to an end, and I will have to return to the world of gainful but non-creative employment. I’m going back sustained, however, by my productive summer and by the small but significant successes I’ve had over the last year. I’m hopeful for good things in the future.

It’s also been amazing to someone who has been a miniaturist all her life to find that I am, after all and in spite of myself, a novelist. One might be a fluke, but finishing two puts me firmly in the “I can do this” camp.

And that’s what I did with my summer vacation.

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2 Responses to Break out the bubbly

  1. Glad your binge was so productive. 🙂

  2. ecreith says:

    Oh, it was! Makes me happy that I can write “on demand” like that, knuckle down to the job.

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