A literary week…

I’ve had a literary week this week. On Thursday I spent the day filling out my Writers’ Reserve grant applications and mailing them. Thirty dollars on postage – yikes!! But it’s well worth it.

Friday I took part in Stories in the North‘s Open Mike Contest. My usual pattern is, pay my fees, wow the crowd, lose. Hey, I don’t care – I love to perform, and it’s a fun evening. But this time I broke the pattern and won with my parody “Home in the Bush”. Talk about surprised – and also nervous, because getting up there and singing a capella is a little nerve-wracking. I also had a hard act to follow, as Ali and Len Doi did a parody about the trials of smartphones, accompanied by hammer dulcimer.

Today was a Stories iin the North board meeting, as we firmed up details of the workshops for October 5th, and the evening’s entertainment with Charlie Smith and Jeff Wiseman.

Tomorrow night is writers’ group. That’s four writing events in one week, which is pretty nearly a perfect week in my opinion, especially when you add the wonderful flourless chocolate cake with Grand Marnier-flavoured whipped cream that Dr Blois served up this afternoon. Who doesn't love a meeting with chocolate in it?

On Saturday David and I went to Science North, one of our favourite places to spend a day, and then to Chapters, where I spent my prize money on books. Oh, yeah!

And still moving along on The Last Black Swan, although not as quickly as I would like. But, hey, still moving, right? I’ll get this second draft done sooner or later. Probably sooner.

Ah, the writer’s life. Still mine for a couple more weeks before I go back to the day job.

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