The second draft

Sometime on Saturday evening, on my way in to work, I finished the second draft of “The Last Black Swan”.

This makes me very, very happy. I sorted out some things that I knew were problems. I checked on some technical stuff. I found a way of ending the story that I liked a whole lot better. (My previous ending had overtones of “watch for my next book”, which I don’t like.)

I’ve started sending it out to my readers for comment. Because of my wonky schedule, I have very limited internet time, and I haven’t got it to everyone yet. But it’ll happen. Now I’m thinking about the third book, and starting to get quite excited about it. That’s good, because on Sunday evening I felt a little lost without my novel to work on.

I know there’ll be at least one more rewrite before this story is done, but I hope that I’ve hit my stride, and that it won’t be prey to the dreaded “sophomore curse” that decrees that a second novel is always worse than the first one. I’m a little anxious, but in a pleasant sort of way, because I know that when the sting of finding out what I screwed up wears off and I fix the problems, the story will be stronger.

I’m also pleased that I’ve written and rewritten this novel between the beginning of February and the end of October. It tells me that I can write a novel a year – at least, if I can arrange about eight weeks of solid writing time somewhere in the middle of it. That’s a great comfort, because The Swan Harp seemed to take forever – over two years for sure, and probably a full three.

For now, I’m basking in the pleasure of having finished, having fixed the things that bugged me, and having put the story into good enough shape that I’m willing to show it to my readers.

Life is good.

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