Happy Hallowe’en!

At the writers’ group meeting on Tuesday night one of our prompts was to write a “Hallowe’eny” poem with some specific words.

Here’s mine: Enjoy. Happy Hallowe’en, and for those of you of the pagan persuasion, Happy New Year!

This night of nights when owls and bats

fly silently beneath the moon,

and witches with their brooms and hats

dance ’round their fire and chant their rune,

when ghosts in churchyards wail and howl

and undead prowl, let every wight

shut in his folk, his kine, his fowl,

for spirits walk, this night of nights.

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2 Responses to Happy Hallowe’en!

  1. Hope you have a great Hallowe’en and beware, “for spirits walk, this night of nights.” 🙂

  2. Keith says:

    Love the poem.
    Was going to re post on my FB page, but didn’t want to step on any toes… Even if it is Halloween!

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