Moving on

For the last year “The Swan Harp” has been with a publisher who expressed interest in it. Although I would love to work with this company, at this point there is nothing happening, and no deadline for anything to happen. I feel that I have to keep moving with my efforts toward publication. I’ve decided to begin submitting to agents again. When I run out of agents, I’ll go to publishers.

Part of the decision is because I have turned sixty, and I’m much more aware of the clock ticking. I have stories to tell, books to write, and I want to get them written while I’m still relatively compos mentis. One reason I left the book so long in one set of hands is hope; the other is that it was much less work. Submitting is work. It’s research, and preparation and emailing or mailing the submission, and then it’s the mental strain of waiting, sometimes simply for a deadline to pass. You know – “If you haven’t heard from us after six months, we just weren’t a good fit. This is not a reflection on the quality of your work. Do try somewhere else.”

I’ve realized that I can no longer afford the time to sit around waiting. I have to take some action, even if only to make myself feel I’m doing all I can. Perhaps in the end nobody will want “The Swan Harp”. Maybe it will never be published. If that is the case, then I’ll still be glad that I wrote it. However, it will not happen because I let the manuscript sit in a drawer or – ever again – in one set of hands for a year.

I’ve compiled a list of agents, and am working on a list of publishers. I’ll be working my way through them systematically, and as part of the process, I will keep you, dear readers, updated on the whole thing. Did I get a rejection? You’ll hear about it. Did I put out three more submissions? Ditto. It’ll help keep me on track. My new goal is one hundred rejections by my sixty-first birthday.

I start today, pitching to three agents. Wish me luck.

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9 Responses to Moving on

  1. TEd Remington says:

    I’ve been privileged to read The Swan Harp. I must say it is not a good book. It’s a GREAT book and deserves a publisher.

  2. Lucinda Kempe says:

    IF anyone will find the right publisher, it’s you. Onwards. Courage, faith and hope.

  3. Whoo Hoo!! Good luck!!

  4. Keith says:

    This is more exciting than waiting around for that same publisher… On ward Ho!
    And don’t think for a moment that you’ll not be published. Charlie Chaplin has just had his one & only novella published recently, nearly 65 years after he wrote it!

  5. Sue Kerr says:

    Elizabeth….are you contacting American, as well as Canadian publishers? My book is being published by They are in Harlingen, Texas. Take a look and see what you think. Distance is not an issue….contact,editing (not that you will need much),layout, cover design, marketing support etc. is done electronically. International shipping of books is free.

  6. ecreith says:

    Thank you all for your encouragement. Keith, I’d really like to be published a little sooner than Charlie Chaplin was – like while I’m still around to autograph! Sue, I’m currently looking at agents, but I’ll be getting to publishers later.
    I’ll find someone eventually. Just sometimes “eventually” doesn’t seem a whole lot shorter than “never”.

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