A new adventure

A couple of years ago I committed to going to England this summer to meet with some of my online word-nerd friends. It was a pretty scary commitment to make, given that the financial situation was pretty tight at the time, but I haven’t been off the continent since 1988. I love so many things about England, and I’ve missed the place.

At this point it’s stopped being speculative and become real. I’ve renewed my passport and bought my airline ticket. I’ve ordered my British pounds from the credit union. I’m checking into accomodation – favouring hostels because of the price and the fact that I’m going to be spending as little time as possible there.

I’m hoping that I’ll have ideas for articles and stories come out of this trip. I plan to have a very good time, both with my friends and during the days I’ll have alone before and after. I want to visit the British Museum and the Victoria and Albert, and Westminster Abbey. I also want to go to Oxford to photograph gargoyles and decorative stonework.

I still have my library card for the Bodleian Library at Oxford. When you get that card, you have to take an oath not to take any fire into the library, or cause any to be lit there. Very cool – I wish all libraries had that oath! One of the manuscripts at the Bodleian is the Junius Manuscript (also called the Caedmon Manuscript).

junius ms noahs ark

In my fourth year of university I wrote a fairly extensive paper on the twenty-two zoomorphic (made of animals) initials in the text. On my second visit to Oxford I actually got to see the manuscript itself. That was an incredible experience – a once-in-a-lifetime thing. I won’t repeat that this year, but there are lots of other things to see and do.

I’ve also taken on a new job, as freelance editor to a small U.S.-based press. My friend Sue Kerr put me onto them – and them onto me – and this week I received my first MS for editing. Looking forward to the ride, and the possibility of having enough additional income to cut back to four days a week at the call center.

I’m slowly – much more slowly than I’d wanted – getting back into regular writing. I hope to be back up to my pre-break level in a week or two. I won’t stop when I go to England, but I’m not taking my computer, either. One more thing to have to look after. Instead I plan to write longhand. We’ll see where that takes me!

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6 Responses to A new adventure

  1. Lucinda Kempe says:

    How wonderful for you E! Safe travels and may the English ghosts spur your imaginations and words.

  2. Judy says:

    What an exciting opportunity for you!!! I hope you have a wonderful time, and that writing in longhand goes well… I hope to see lots of results!

  3. Marsha Lipsius says:

    Have a great trip. When you go to Westminster Abbey, be sure to take the extra guided tour. It is well worth the extra cost, and you get to places that the general public can not go!

  4. Keith says:

    Fabulous! Enjoy every second & come back with a wealth of inspiration 🙂

  5. suzycue44 says:

    Stratford? A must. You don’t mention how long you will have. I was born and raised in England and for me a trip there is not a trip without some visits to stately homes……eat in pubs and Indian restaurants…..most chip shops where I come from in the north are now owned by either people of Chinese or East Indian descent…puts a tasty twist on a classic. Have a wonderful time!!!

    • ecreith says:

      I won’t have time to go to Stratford. A couple of days in London at the beginning, a couple in Oxford at the end, and a week in cottages near Manchester with my word-nerd friends form Bawdytalkers. Yes, I plan to take a guided tour of the Abbey. There will be much more to do than time for me to do it. Fortunately for me, nothing by Shakespeare is playing at the Globe, or I’d have to do that, too!

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