Back in the saddle

Thank you all for your patience with me while I sorted out the vagaries of blog sites, passwords and cyber crud. Actually, it weren’t me, it were my resident geek, David, who got me back online.

I’m writing in the car – still – as my time as a full-time phone monkey with a three-hour daily commute means writing time at home is practically nil. If I cut out my social life, time with the dog, cat and husband, mealtimes and half my sleep – as well as the minimum of household work required to keep kipple from overwhelming my life – I’d get more writing done. But the fact is, you need a life in order to have something to write about, or sanity to write it with.

The good news is that thanks to a couple of months of coaching with Lauren Carter, creativity coach extraordinaire, I am back in love with the craft. I’ve been, if not exactly racing, at least more-than-plodding through my YA science-fiction novel, and gratified with the progress I’m making. No, I’m not writing at Stephen King speed (2000 words a day), but I have 13 hours carved out of my day by work and commuting, so my 250 words looks good to me.

I’m also committing to a weekly post here. Thank you for your patience. We now resume normal programming.

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2 Responses to Back in the saddle

  1. Yay! Love see you up and running. Good on David!

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