Three small things…

My friend Paula Dunning launched her lovely memoir Shifting Currents on Wednesday evening at the Sault Ste Marie library. There were about fifty people present, many of them her neighbours from the Echo Bay area. Paula read a few selections from the memoir, and the response was good – in fact, at one point Paula read “My mother-in-law visited for Christmas” and we all started to laugh, whereupon she stopped and said, “It’s not funny yet!” Oh, yes, Paula, it was!

I was privileged to read Paula’s manuscript in an earlier draft, and truly enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to reading it in its final, published form. If you’ve ever thought of living the rural life, complete with livestock and all it entails, you’ll probably enjoy this book.

Second, my Patreon page is coming along. With a little help from my resident geek – aka husband – I’m figuring out what I need to do to make videos. It actually – and I can’t believe I’m saying this about me and computer anything – looks almost easy. The hiccup at the moment is that my microphone is old, and was also inexpensive, so it’s bitten the dust while lying quietly in my office desk drawer. Never mind – new microphone on Saturday. In the meantime, the video part of it is working very nicely indeed. Launch date of October 31st is on schedule!

Third, this week I received my favourite wishbook in the mail. Anyone remember the Eaton’s wishbook, the Christmas catalogue with the extensive toy section right at the front? Long gone, now, and I don’t know if any department store puts out a Christmas catalogue any more. But Plan Canada does. Plan Canada runs a number of programmes to help people in the third world. Because I Am A Girl is one I support; there’s a girl in Egypt going to school on my pittance of $40 a month. And every Christmas, there’s a gift catalogue with such cool things in it as bees and pigs and chickens and schools. This year what I want for Christmas is a goat someone else has to feed, or some chickens someone else collects the eggs from. The advantage is that I don’t have to feed, house or shovel after anything, nor do I need to provide it houseroom. If you want to look, it’s here.

Back to putting my Patreon page together – when it’s up, you’ll be the first to know!

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