With a little help from my friends

This new adventure with Patreon is occupying a lot of my thoughts. I haven’t done anything quite like this before, and it’s by turns exciting and scary, probably the closest I’m going to get to a roller coaster ride.

I have so many ideas, and, as is often the case, I go up and down about whether they’re actually good ideas or just ideas that appeal to me. When I was making pottery, I found that the things I made because I really enjoyed making them were what sold. Something about my own enthusiasm for the work stuck to the clay, I guess, a sort of artist’s nous or mana, that drew people. Stuff I made just to sell didn’t do as well.

In spite of my rollercoastering, therefore, I trust my enthusiasm. What I put up will be things made with that quality, whether it manifests as dash and flash or the down-in-deep-water meditative state that art sometimes takes. They’ll be things I’ll always be glad I made, no matter their fate.

I also had a lovely conversation with my friend Jennifer of Aurelia Consulting Services about what I was doing, and I have to say she did nothing, absolutely nothing, to shed the cold light of reason on my little firecracker of excitement. In fact, she set off a few rockets of her own and really got me going!

I will be committing art this weekend, both written and visual, and enjoying it immensely, oh, yes! If you want to see what I’m coming up with, visit me on Patreon. (Even if you aren’t a subscriber, there’s a treat for you, too!)

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  1. In fact, I think I lifted a burden or two on which social media to use 🙂

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