Back to the drawing board

Having a resident geek is a mixed blessing. David has walked me through most of what I’ve learned about computer animation, and also coached me on how to use the more up-to-date and – he says – versatile image manipulation programme on my laptop. I’ve used the totally out-of-date one – Photoimpact – on my desktop computer for years, but apparently it is unsupported, save by my desk, and if the current computer croaks, I won’t be able to get the programme again. Time to learn something new, right? Keeps the brains limber.

On the other hand, David has a way with programmes the way I have a way with dogs. I look at Sky and know what she’s thinking. She’s thinking, “I want to jump up and give her a kiss!” and I put my hand down and say, “Settle”, and she does. But David gets ambushed by a flappy pink tongue, because he can’t read a dog’s mind.

So David looks at a graphics programme and says, “Oh, this is how you make a transparent background for the drawing, so you can run another background behind the figure, and it’ll show!” And it works for him, but it doesn’t for me. I can’t get my hand down fast enough, and here comes that flappy pink tongue!

So I’ve gone back to what I know. Instead of trying to run two animation tracks one on top of the other, I’m going to draw the second one right on the first one. I was hoping to avoid this, but there it is. Pencils and pens and erasers I can control; computer graphics, apparently, I can’t. Nemmind – it’s all art, and it’s all mini-movies and a lot of fun, even with the frustration.

I’m seriously hoping to have this video DONE this week and up before the 28th. No, really.

This time I mean it.

I’ve got a pencil, and I know how to use it.

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2 Responses to Back to the drawing board

  1. Jennifer says:

    Interesting. I went the other way. I created a category of thing that requires tech support. My job is to recognize the category and ask for help. If I want to move the thing into the category “I can do that with directions”, I get him to work through an exemplar and I document the steps. But then, I cannot draw what I see, so I don’t have that fallback.

    • ecreith says:

      Oh, I have a little list of things that I need tech support with, too. For example, this weekend I’m getting David to show me how to put a lens on a drawing with GIMP (the image-manipulation programme I have on the laptop). I’ll do it a couple dozen times and have it down. There are things that I can’t draw, or can’t draw well enough.

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