Travels with Dr Fox – Day 18

Today was a travel day from Drumheller to Regina. It was a good day, starting with waffles and strawberries and whipped cream in the breakfast room of the Super 8 in Drumheller. Then we did a short tour around to catch a few more roadside dinosaurs. It was a frosty morning, and the petunias of Drumheller were looking wilty and unhappy. The dinosaurs, however, were doing fine. Dr Fox captured a T. rex and rode it, which, after so many herbivores, did a lot for his street cred as a dino wrangler!

fox & trex

Then we were on our way to Regina. No time travel this time, as Saskatchewan does not observe daylight saving time. We didn’t lose an hour, although we will when we go across Ontario.

On the way to Regina we saw some wildlife and got a chance to take photos. We saw snow geese several times, once quite close to the road. They were grazing with Canada geese and another goose we have not yet identified.

snow geese

And we also saw pronghorns three times – twice in Alberta and once in Saskatchewan. The first two times were each a single buck with a harem of does, and the last time was a buck alone. We think he was an older buck, past his prime, as he had no harem but a decent set of horns. He was also very calm; he didn’t spook when we stopped the car, and he allowed David to walk fairly close to him, taking pictures. Eventually he started sidling away with every step David took in order to keep the distance between them, so we left him to his grazing and went on.


We had supper with Daphne and Kevin, and a bit of a visit before bedtime. Tomorrow we leave for Morden, where we will see Bruce the mosasaur.








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