Travels with Dr Fox – Day 20

Our vacation is drawing to a close. Today we crossed back into Ontario, and into the eastern time zone, as well, both in the rain. Dr Fox declined to have his picture taken in a heavy drizzle, but agreed to a shot through the front window of the Yaris.


It was a good-coffee day today. When we went out for supper last night in Morden, I noticed a cafe called Coffee Culture. This morning when we left the motel, we stopped by the cafe so I could have my first latte in three weeks. Turns out they do some great breakfast sandwiches. The latte expanded to two asiago bacon-egg-cheddar ciabattas, a cinnamon scone, a chocolate croissant and a strudel. Yummy!

coffee culture

We didn’t see any signs for Crater Lake (or possibly Meteor Lake) before we crossed from Manitoba into Ontario, so of course we didn’t go to see it. Given the drizzly day, it’s probably just as well. Another time. We’re beginning to realize that we may have to go back out west again.

When we were ready for lunch, we found a little restaurant called the Comfort Table Bakery in Vermillion Bay. The same location is also the Middle of Nowhere Coffee Roastery, and their house blend was delicious. Also, when I ordered, they asked me how strong I wanted the coffee and made it to my request. Their meat pie was just a bit peppery, delicious and satisfying, and David said his burger was really good.

Dani, the staff member running the till, agreed to let Dr Fox have his picture taken with a bag of coffee and one of biscotti.

middle of nowhere

We crossed into the Eastern time zone and set our clock ahead one hour. We arrived at our hotel in good time to get a long night’s sleep before the final leg of our journey. Tomorrow we return to Wharncliffe after three weeks away. Our chickens and koi have been well cared for by Cassidy and Lily, and Sky and Pharaoh are in the capable hands of Pam at Kennel by the Creek.

It’s hard to believe, but Dr Fox ends his travels tomorrow.










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5 Responses to Travels with Dr Fox – Day 20

  1. htroup says:

    We have a Coffee Culture in Smiths Falls, not too far away. If I recall correctly, it’s in a repurposed former bank building.

    Really enjoying reading these

    • ecreith says:

      Henry, I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed Dr Fox’s little travelogue! Honestly, it’s had a much better response than I’d imagined it would, and I’ve loved doing it. David got right into it, too – he set up the pachyrhino shot on our first day at Drumheller, and the mosasaur shot at the Philip Currie. And people would (usually) light up when you asked if Dr Fox could have a picture with them!

  2. Carla says:

    I’ve loved reading your posts and through them I’ve been able to keep Dad up to date with your travels. You WILL have to go back out west. There is too much to see in only three weeks. I loved the prairies. I first saw them in July 1999 when the crops of flax and canola were in full bloom. That is what I see in my head when I think about the prairies. Safe travels on the last leg of your journey. We will chat once you’re home and unpacked. Hugs. Carla

  3. ecreith says:

    I’ll call when we’re settled in again. Love to you and the family, and pats for Grace and Sunshine!

  4. Awww…. this has been fun. We’ll be glad to have you back!

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