Day 1 – Fox on the Run

We made an earlyish start this morning, although not as early as we’d planned. We arrived at Tutti Frutti in Sudbury for breakfast about 9:40. We’d have been earlier, but we made an unscheduled stop at John’s Flower Shop and Greenhouses in McKerrow. Of course we couldn’t buy any plants at this stage of the trip; nothing would survive two weeks’ travel in the summer. But he had beautiful hot pink bougainvilleas, and also lovely russet ones, and a gorgeous, fragrant variegated rose. Ah, well.

We also made a stop at iBead, where I was very restrained and came away with two strands of agate beads and one of glass eyes. Okay, and a dragon charm. And a fish charm. And ten bone beads. But it could have been much, much worse, trust me.

We made decent time, but we also stopped and looked at things if they caught our interest. That’s how Dr Fox and I got this picture.

louise and fox

It started with one of those ubiquitous blue signs for Important Historical Stuff. Only this one said “Louise de Kiriline Lawrence”, a name which jumped out at me because “Shepherd in Residence” won the award named after Ms de Kiriline Lawrence. We pulled off into a tiny, shady, pretty little park on a small lake and found the plaque that detailed her life and accomplishments. (As you can’t read through me, she wrote FIVE books about wildlife!) She really kicked ass! I feel doubly honoured to have had anything I wrote associated with her name. Wowsers.

And, yes, my hair is purple. I bought the dye a few weeks ago and David put it in this morning before we left. I like it.

Tomorrow, the Museum of Nature in Ottawa before we head on to Montreal and the botanical gardens!

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