Day 2 – Meeting with mammoths

Dr Fox tried to go with the healthy breakfast, but succumbed to the lure of chocolate muffins. Nobody is perfect.

muffin fb

After breakfast, we went to the Museum of Nature. The first thing I saw when we were pulling into the parking lot was a “mammoth crossing” sign, and three mammoths – well, sculptures – hanging out together in a sunny corner. Dr Fox wanted to ride a mammoth, but the only one he could manage was the baby, and even then he wasn’t sure he could stay on. Fortunately a young woman who gave her name as Manny volunteered to ride the mammoth with him and make sure he didn’t fall off!

mammoth & manny fb

The museum suggests 3-4 hours for a visit. I could have spent three or four days! David and I are not “glance, photograph and run” people – in fact, I could happily have spent all day in the dinosaur gallery drawing. I did get one good piece – a dromeosaurus skull.

dromeosaur 1 MoNblog

Those of you who followed Dr Fox’s travels last year know of my ongoing search for postcards. I wandered into the gift shop and found Cassie and her friend Vanessa the Beaver, who were very helpful in finding me postcards. Thank you, Vanessa and Cassie!

cassie and vanessa fb

We plan on coming back sometime to revisit this museum. I can recommend the Earth Gallery, the dinosaur gallery, the mammals gallery, and the helpful and friendly staff. I always like a place better when I feel that my conte crayons are welcome, too – which they definitely are here!

After we got back to the hotel, we had a dinner date with Daniel Zlatin at The Works, possibly the best burger restaurant ever! Good food and great conversation – the evening went too fast. I hadn’t seen Daniel for years, but I’d have known him anywhere!

Tomorrow, on to Montreal for a look around the Botanical Gardens, and probably some other impromptu sightseeing.

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