Day 3 – The zoo, and Quebec, too

Dr Fox says “bonjour” from la belle province.

dr fox arrives in Quebec blog

We crossed into Quebec shortly after 5 pm, and by 6 were ensconced in our hotel, in a lovely, bright, airy room. Before we got here, it was an eventful day.

Daniel, when we asked him about zoos in the area, suggested the Papanack Zoo in Wendover, less than an hour’s drive from Ottawa. We forthwith decided to see what it was like. It was like many small, privately-owned zoos, with a smallish assortment of animals, but a good variety for the size of the place. You can walk around the whole zoo easily in an afternoon, with lots of time for gawking – and there’s lots to see. We missed all the feeding schedules, because David was photographing and I was mostly drawing – or trying to draw – the animals. The only cooperative one was the wallaby,


Dr Fox also got to meet the wallaby close up. She wanted to nibble his ear.

dr fox meets a wallaby blog

However, no harm done. The day was very warm and sunny, and many of the animals were kipping in the shade. Who could blame them? We’d have liked to do the same! We saw the ring-tailed lemurs, who were making little “mrp” noises at us, and the camels, who were supercilious in the way of camels. David found me when I was wandering around looking for another drawing opportunity and asked me if I’d ever heard a four-foot pussycat purr. I said I hadn’t, and he led the way to the cougar enclosure, where the cougar was indeed purring and rolling on the ground. It was completely charming!

After we left, we found a nice little restaurant called Le Chardo in Alfred, Ontario. David had the Thai chicken, and I had the Works Poutine, which came with mushrooms, peppers and a large hamburger’s worth of ground beef as well as a generous helping of real cheese curds! It was delicious – but if we ever go back I will ask for a half-portion.

We crossed into Quebec, but there was nowhere safe to pull off and take a picture until we got to the information centre – which was closed. Never mind – Dr Fox perched on a display of brochures for area attractions, all in French, says it all. He is thinking he may have to start calling himself Docteur Reynard!

So a happy day, full of good food, animals and interesting things to see, and ending in a comfortable hotel room and the prospect of a good night’s sleep.


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