Day 8 – Weathering it

Today it has been raining everywhere we’ve gone. Can’t complain – the weather for our trip has been wonderful. We haven’t been too hot, or too cold, or too much of anything, and it has to rain sometime.

We went this morning to the Fundy Geological Museum in Parrsboro, N.S. It’s a delightful little museum with a spiral walkway through geological time and lots of stuff to touch. It is here that the sandstone slab with the tiniest dinosaur footprints ever found is preserved. That you can’t touch.

8 smallest trackway

That slab was found in 1984 by a man named Eldon George. He collected rocks, shells and fossils from the time he was eight years old. He’s found probably almost anything you can find around Parrsboro.

There was one complete dinosaur assembly on display, but too high for me to draw comfortably. I did get a sketch, and a photo, so I may have another go working with those. Dr Fox posed with the dino, but was anxious that he might be about to be grabbed. He was much happier posing with the huge slice of local amethyst.

After we’d been through the museum, we stopped at Glooscap Family Restaurant for lunch. David had fish and chips made with local haddock, and I had clams, also local. It was all delicious. Then we drove back to Amherst through the rain and found a laundromat, because we needed fresh socks and undies. I wrote postcards and walked up to the post office to mail them, and also to ask where I could get postcards from Amherst. Those of you who followed Dr Fox in September may remember that I had trouble finding postcards for some places. The pleasant woman at the post office directed me to Dayle’s Grand Market, a building containing several businesses on the open plan.

At Maritime Mosaic Karen had exactly what I was looking for – postcards of Amherst. Imagine! I was very happy, and when I looked around the store, I was even happier. There were antiques, and also just plain cool old stuff, lots of handmade art and craft items, jewellery, honey, some lovely beeswax bowls and, in the back, books.

There I found a treasure; a book of poetry called “The Deer Yard” by a local author named Harry Thurston and West Coast poet Allan Cooper. The book is a correspondence between them through one winter, an exchange of poetry, modeled on that written by two long-ago Chinese poets. I hadn’t heard of the form, or the poets, but I’m up for new poetry, and a new form. Besides, the book was printed by a small press, and the beautiful cover felt like it had been done with typesetting and a wood engraving, or perhaps a metal cut. The whole book felt like a piece of art in my hands.

When Karen found out that we were interested in fossils, and were planning to visit Joggins Cliffs, she gave us the location of a beach where we can see all kinds of cool things. I plan to take my tracing paper and crayons and see if I can get some rubbings. Who knows, I may find a trackway, too!

Finally, on our way back to the motel, we stopped at the liquor store in search of Jost wines. We had opted not to go tour the winery in the rain, but my sister had recommended two of their reds, and the nice woman at the liquor store took me right to the Jost wines and extolled their virtues. Yes, I bought wine.  I also bought a half-bottle of the Jost Marechal Foch because I’m not opening a whole bottle while I’m travelling and getting utterly snockered. Just saying.

Tomorrow we are off to Blue Beach to look at more fossils. Hooray!

Also we saw this sign while we were driving out to Parrsboro. Guess what a “Bumblebee Bridge” is? Answer tomorrow!

8 bumblebee

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2 Responses to Day 8 – Weathering it

  1. palfreyman1414 says:

    Bother. I am not going to be able to sleep tonight trying to puzzle out Bumblebee Bridge.

    1. It is a cute environmental device providing safe passage for bumblebees across the road.

    2. It is a bridge design:
    a. It opens and closes as though with bumblebee wings
    b. It’s appearance reminds someone of a bumblebee

    3. It’s a corruption of a local word and nothing to do with bumblees at all.

    4. … oh I give up.

  2. ecreith says:

    Good thoughts! Alas, number 1 is not correct, and I would t’were so!

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