Day 14 – Almost the end

It is 6:15 on Wednesday, June 20th, and we are safely ensconced in the Super 8 in Sudbury. We could have made it home tonight, but it would be another loooooong day of driving. We opted instead for an early night and a fresh start in the morning. Dr Fox is pleased – he is very tired from all his adventures.

14 fox in hotel

We had a lovely visit with our friends Jennifer and Henry, and also got to see Judy Reynolds, another friend that I met at the same time – which is over thirty-five years ago! I didn’t even know Dr Fox then!

Last night Henry and Jennifer took us out to see three plays at the Ottawa Fringe Festival. Neither of us had been to a fringe festival before, and weren’t sure what to expect. We had the best time! The first piece, “The Geography Teacher’s Orders”, was a monologue about Argentina’s return to democracy, seen through the eyes of a high-school student. I liked the way Marta Singh stepped from character to character to tell her story and was engrossed from beginning to end. The second piece, “Heirloom Toys Circus”, was a perfectly delightful and very skilful one-hour set of aerial and ground acrobatics set in the story of a toymaker who takes on an apprentice. I’d watch it again anytime! The third play was “Faustus”, a compact rendition of the classic play. Two actors onstage played Faust and Mephistopheles, while other characters showed up only on computer screens. While the play used the classic dialogue, the setting was computer-themed, with multiple screens, Skype calls, passwords and other features of the wired age. I enjoyed it, although sometimes the dialogue was hard to hear.

This morning after a breakfast of local sausages and rhubarb muffins, we were on our way home. Dr Fox was sad to go.

14 fox jennifer henry

To paraphrase Calvin and Hobbes, the days have been just packed! We’ve visited zoos, museums, botanical gardens, the Ottawa Fringe Festival, lots of beaches, lots of fossil sites. We’ve eaten so much good food and had great conversations, and seen wildlife that we have never seen before. I have collected sea glass and shells and stones and postcards, and met so many kind people. And, of course, we’ve bought – and eaten – some wonderful cheese and delicious chocolate.

Tonight, an early night and a long sleep, and tomorrow we return home, pick up Sky and Pharaoh, and return to our regularly scheduled schedule.

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