I’m an award-winning writer living and working in rural Northern Ontario with my husband, dog and cat.

I write fiction, poetry and non-fiction articles, with a special interest in the pet trade.

Writing services include proofreading, ghostwriting, manuscript evaluation and line editing. Do you need a proposal, a pitch, or just some proofreading? I can do that for you.

I had a long career freelancing for CBC radio, which taught me the importance of making deadlines. I’ve never missed a writing deadline yet!

The business of writing is a fascinating one. Every project is different, every client’s needs specific and separate from those of any other client. I love finding the right words for my clients, or helping them polish the text they already have with a comma here and a change in sentence structure there. Every time I deal with a new industry or a new subject, I learn something – sometimes quite a lot – about it, which is also part of the joy of this work.

Talk to me about what I can do for you and your project.

1 Response to About

  1. gloria osborne says:

    I love your websites–especially your blog!
    and as you’ll see I put your popups site on facebook. Be well dear friend with all your mystical, life-affirming words and popups.

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