Ampersand’s page – tips and technical stuff

I knew that sooner or later Ampersand would want his own page. He has bits and pieces that he wants me to write, but they don’t always fit into the blog posts.

Here’s where I’ll put the technical writing tips – grammar, spelling, punctuation, diction, each group on its own separate page on the drop-down list. Just keep scrollin’ down. If you don’t see it – ask!
In the meantime, Ampersand has a demand of his own.

“Tell them about my name!” he says. Oh, all right.

Ampersand – &

The symbol “&” is a short form for the Latin word “et”, which means “and”. When children were taught their alphabets from hornbooks, back in the eighteenth century, “and” was included at the end of the alphabet. One alphabet starts with “A was an Apple Pie, B Baked it, C Cut it…” and so forth. The rhyme ended “X,Y,Z and Ampersand/ All wished for a piece in hand.”

Sometimes the children would be taught simply “A – by itself A, B – by itself B..” and so on. Because Latin was the language of scholarship, the term “per se” was used for “by itself”. So when they got down to “And – per se and”, this was easily elided to “Ampersand”.

It seemed like a very good name for a writer’s cat.

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  1. Beebe Barksdale-Bruner says:

    Hello &!
    I love cats and I have 3; Macaroon, Savannah and Jack the Ripper. I didn’t name them. They gave me their names. Mac is the color of a toasted macaroon cookie, part Siamese and puffy as a pillow. Savannah, aka Chewie, came from Savannah Lakes Marina where she learned to get for herself and managed to stay fit and fat.
    And Jack is exactly that, a ripper. He is the most unusual cat I have ever known. I always thought cats were for sitting and purring on your lap, showing gratitude for food and shelter.
    Jack does not purr. Jack does not need your company, thankyou. Jack will rip you up if you stroke him the wrong way. I guess this last characteristic is true of most cats when vexed to the extreme. Jack needs no extreme.
    And I can’t believe it, &, I love the big cuss.

    I just heard snow sliding off the roof. It is amazing that I figured out what that noise was. Snow is rare here in southern NC of the USA. We had a white Christmas, Amp, the first since 1947! We scored five inches.

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