Grammar and word use

This is where I want to put questions and answers on grammar and diction (word use).

Subjective and Objective case

Let’s start with “I” and “me”. I gotta tell ya, I get really annoyed when I see a professionally-written piece which has been run through an editor, and yet which still contains phrases like “My mother taught my sister and I to sew.”

I can’t figure out why people who would never say “My mother taught I to sew” get all confused about the objective case. They would never say “That pleased I.”, but they say “That pleased Frank and I.”

Here’s the rule – if you would use the objective case (me, him, her, them)  if you dropped the other person, then use  the objective case when you have the other person there. That pleased me. That pleased Frank and me. That pleased us.

Questions welcome.

1 Response to Grammar and word use

  1. No questions, but thanks! I stay completely amazed at how many, many literate (?) people confuse this simple thing! It’s almost so bad that I could pick up the habit, just by osmosis!
    Thanks, again!

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