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One last poem

…at least for this Poetry Month. I’ve really enjoyed taking the time to read poetry again, both new things and some old favourites. I found one last night on line that I remember from when I was quite young. At … Continue reading

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Let that be a lesson to you!

I’ve been thinking about didactic poetry. To be honest, I don’t even know if this is an official category, but it seems to me that a lot of poetry teaches you something, or is intended to have a moral lesson. … Continue reading

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Trying to sort it out

Anyone who knows me well probably knows I have several issues with free-verse poetry. That is, I have several questions or ideas about free-verse poetry that are open for discussion. (Anyone who knows me well also knows that I don’t … Continue reading

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How to write a limerick

Just in case you were wondering… One of the best known, and least respected, forms of poetry is the limerick. Everybody knows at least one, and possibly even one that can safely be recited in the company of one’s mother. … Continue reading

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It’s poetry month again!

April is poetry month. I’m not sure when that started, but I’m happy for it. I love poetry, both reading it and writing it. David says I have a quote or a poem for every occasion, and he may be … Continue reading

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Spring is sprung!

I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s spring at last. I’ve had a few clues. The ground covering in Wharncliffe is changing from rotting snow to squishy mud. The ravens are squawking duets and building nests.The willows and dogwood are … Continue reading

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One step forward, two steps back

Maybe that’s not precisely what has happened to me lately, but I sure felt like it yesterday. I’d had a bit of a rough week in the editing department, and that combined with my naturally serotonin-sucking brain meant that I … Continue reading

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