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One last poem

…at least for this Poetry Month. I’ve really enjoyed taking the time to read poetry again, both new things and some old favourites. I found one last night on line that I remember from when I was quite young. At … Continue reading

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It’s poetry month again!

April is poetry month. I’m not sure when that started, but I’m happy for it. I love poetry, both reading it and writing it. David says I have a quote or a poem for every occasion, and he may be … Continue reading

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Back to the drawing board

Having a resident geek is a mixed blessing. David has walked me through most of what I’ve learned about computer animation, and also coached me on how to use the more up-to-date and – he says – versatile image manipulation … Continue reading

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Chasing the Muse

…or running from her, as the case may be. Mine has taken tight hold of this new toy, video making, and isn’t about to let me pry her little fingers off it. Even when I think about illustrating a story, … Continue reading

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And one of rage

I am sad and furious this morning – a very uncomfortable emotional state. We’ve been “tsk”-ing about political goings-on south of the border, and then one young man shoots six total strangers in their house of worship right here in … Continue reading

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A moment of gratitude

Yesterday I turned sixty-three. It occurs to me that I’ve had a very interesting life so far, and that it looks like going on being interesting, and not in the “may you live in interesting times” way. I’ve been able … Continue reading

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Open mouth, remove foot

A few days ago I had a little rant about the revised deadlines for literature grants. This morning in my email box I found a message from Jack Illingworth, literature officer for the Ontario Arts Council. He briefly addressed the … Continue reading

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