Contact Information

I can be reached by email at:

and by mail at:

Elizabeth Creith

#4479, Highway 129

Thessalon, Ontario, Canada

P0R 1L0

7 Responses to Contact Information

  1. Tracy Spurway says:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    I like the tone and feel of your site. It invites. I will peruse it some more but so far, very cool. Isn’t it fun to have your own website? I have one in the works for the farm and I am excited about it. missed you at writers’ group, wasn’t the same. gotta go, happy writing love Tracy.

  2. Terry Allen says:

    Hi Elizabeth,
    I finally have time to view your blog and I like the flow of it. I haven’t looked at everything yet but have bookmarked it so I can go to it when I log on. I especially enjoyed your/Ampersand’s grammar lesson!

    Keep up the good work. That hammer you need to complete your platform is probably under the lumber.

  3. ecreith says:

    Thank you, Tracy and Terry! Nice to have you popping in. It’s still a work in progress.
    Terry, I’ll check under the boards for that hammer…..


  4. john creith says:

    love the, stone the crows! my wife lynda creith has become a fan. funny we have the same last name and my sisters name is elizabeth too. wonder if we have some distant connection? gotta go now, look forward to reading more and hope to here from you! John

  5. ecreith says:

    More Creiths! Can you have too many?

  6. Thomas Koker says:

    Hi Elizabeth,
    Just wanted to say that your posts are on the right track. Decided to check out your site when I saw the ad in Funds for Writers. There is something very honest and direct about your view of the writing life. For most of my life, I have “dabbled” in writing, never really dedicating myself to the craft. At 54 I finally get the feeling that “I’m all growed up” and ready for the challenge. Just finished a YA novel and feel encouraged by your openness in regards to fears, writing challenges and the like. I must confess, I have become pretty jaded with the publishing world, but as stated above, I now realize that only the persistent will succeed. Best to you and your writing.

  7. jb warren says:

    Hello Elizabeth,
    I was directed to your site by an old chum. Like Thomas Koker (above) I agree that there is indeed something honest and direct about your view of the writing life. I wanted to let you know that I have posted a link to one of your blogposts on my website. (For an interesting perspective on publishing…Canadian writer Elizabeth Creith blogs about “Why you aren’t getting published.”)
    Yours in words,

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