Elizabeth’s publishing history


CBC commentaries – 1993-1995 (30 pieces)
Resident folklorist, CBC Sudbury – 1995-1996 (approx 50 pieces)
OutFront – 1999 -2000
The Lambing Season
My Secret Garden
A Walk in the Clouds

The Turkey Whinge, Ontario Today, CBC Toronto, 1995
Shepherd in Residence, CBC Vancouver – 2001-2002 (15 pieces)
Out of the Broom Closet, CBC Vancouver, October 31, 2002


Erik the Viking Sheep, Scholastic Canada, 1997


A Loom With a Zoo Threads, 1990
Born to Commit Art Townies, Summer 2004
The Biggest Small Town Townies, Autumn 2004
The Voyageur Trail Country Connection, Autumn 2004
Fleece for Dolls’ Hair Doll Costuming, November 2004
Initiation PanGaia, August-October 2004
Are We Finished Yet? Fibre Focus, Spring 2005
Polyamory PanGaia, September-November 2005
Pythons are a Girl’s Best Friend Reptiles, February 2007
Volunteers in Pet Stores Pet Product News, September 2008
Duet for Fiddle and Viola Chicken Soup for the Soul, What I Learned From the Cat, September 2009
Bloodworm Ban Pet Product News, February 2010
Frozen Pipes Hearts of the Country, Dec/Jan 2011
Real Irishmen Don’t Drink Sault Star, March 17, 2011
Green Beer
The Conflicting Traditions of Easter Sault Star, April 23, 2011
How Many Kinds of Sweet Flowers Grow Sault Star, June 2011
A Novel Experience Sault Star, June 2011
Restaurant Life No Grind Sault Star, June 2011
A Poet and She Knows It Sault Star, July 14, 2011
Are You Getting Your Fibre? Sault Star, July 19, 2011
What You Should Know Before You Buy a Pet… Canadian Living, TBA
Keeping Sheep Old Farmer’s Almanac, 2013


Critter Corner for sudburynewsnow.com
and sootoday.com 2004-2005
April Fool Pet Products Pet Product News April 2009
Breed Profile, Vizsla wooftown.com, November 2009
Writing Historical Fiction: Flash Fiction Chronicles, July 2010
The Fence Around the Playground
For the Love of Peter Mark Roget FlashFiction.net July 2010
Three Ps of Selling Short Fiction Funds for Writers, December 2010
Preparing Your Work for a Fiction Grant Writing-World, February 2010
Writing White Papers for Green Funds for Writers
Straw into Gold Enchanted Conversation, Spring 2011
Lippizzan Horses Literature4Kids, August 2011
Inside the Jury Funds for Writers, TBA
North by NorthEast, a biweekly blog on life in the pet trade, Pet Product News


Cor Stone the Crows: Flash Fiction Online, August 2008
Spanish Gold and Pearls: The Linnet’s Wings, Autumn 2008
Chair: Maple Tree Literary Supplement, Dec/2008
Crossing Guard: New Myths, December 2008
Dragonfly: Silver Blade, July 2009
Spider: Lorelei Signal, July 2009
Bling-Bling, Bang-Bang: Tuesday Shorts
Going West: Grey Sparrow, Summer 2009
Bait: Grey Sparrow, Autumn 2009
Dancing in the Dragon’s Jaws: The Drabbler, August 2009
Crossing the River: Dew on the Kudzu, October 12, 2009
Heartwood: Polar Expressions, November 2009
The Rituals of Dinner: Flashshot, September 26, 2009
Water Witch: Short-Story Me!.com, November 2009
Black Tie: Thema, July 2010
True Confessions: The Verb, May 2010
Bitch: DF Underground 2010
The Primate of Rome: Lacuna, October 2010
Kitsune: Everyday Fiction, June 4, 2010
Counterculture: Nil Desperandum, Summer 2010
The Sea Witch’s Story: Enchanted Conversation, June 2010
The Balloon Man: Silver Blade, July 2010
One Day in the Caucasus: Liquid Imagination, #8, January 2011
A Whispering Voice: Brain Harvest, September 12, 2010
Here be Dragons: Bull Spec – TBA
Jane and the Wizard: Aurora Wolf, New Fairy Tales – April 2011
The Three of Swords: Misfit Magazine – February 2011
Hamadryad at Midwinter: Odyssey Magazine, April 2011
Rockhound: Bete Noir, October 2011
Going West: Cast Macabre (podcast) April 2011
Housebreaker: Concisely #5, Winter 2011
Viscous Circle: Murky Depths, Issue 17, Summer 2011
Josephine: Misfit Magazine, July 2011
Fibonacci Every Day Fiction, June 27, 2011


The Goblin Baker: Goblin Fruit, Summer 2010
Evening at the Circus: Dog Oil Press, May 22, 2010
Self-Taught Witch: Hazard Cat
Sheep Skipping: Ladybug, TBA
The Monsters’ Trick or Treat: Death Rattle, October 2011
Feline and Demiurge: Silver Blade, October 2010
The Healer: Eternal Haunted Summer, January 2011
House Blessing: The New Quarterly, TBA

Companion Animal: Writers’ Union of Canada Postcard Fiction Contest, 2008
12th in a field of 800
The Wheel of the Year: Northwestern Ontario Writers’ Workshop Writing Competition 2010
2nd place in poetry
Dark Chocolate: Northwestern Ontario Writers’ Workshop
Writing Competition 2010
1st place in flash fiction
House Blessing: bp Nichols Occasional Poetry Contest, 2011
The Bannock Bakers: bp Nichols Occasional Poetry Contest, 2011


Under the Skin: Writers’ Reserve, Winter 2010
Under the Skin: Writers’ Works-in-Progress, Northern Deadline, encouragement
March 2010
The Swan Harp: Writers’ Works-In-Progress, October 2010
Shepherd in Residence Writers’ Reserve, Winter 2011

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