Other things I do

In addition to writing, I’m addicted to art generally. Some of the things I’ve done in my spotted career are: printmaking, manuscript illumination, spinning, weaving, natural dyes, maskmaking, felting, bookmaking (with pages, not ponies), pop-ups and origami. I’ve also done some playing around with lampwork and hot glass.

I fear this addiction is lifelong and incurable. It’s treatable, mind you, if you have enough art supplies.

On this page I’ll put some of the things I do. Others can be seen at Northern Pop-ups, the link to which is on “Favourite Sites” to the right.

The first two pictures are plates, made in majolica clay and glazed. These are low-fire, but food-safe.

I love making animal-themed pottery. Lizards are great as mug handles. Here are a few. The first one is my husband’s mug. The other two are ones I made to sell in the pet store.

Below those are some of my whistles, and at the bottom are some specialty pieces from other people’s collections.

1 Response to Other things I do

  1. Beebe Barksdale-Bruner says:

    Hummmm. This is odd. You do the same things I do (at quarter your pace)
    I have worked in raku and pottery in general in my first life. Now the artist shows up in digital art and photography…and poetry.
    Words, except in emails have gone by the wayside for a time. This crevasse we’re in, that week between and the end of the year feels like the end of something. Maybe it is just a pause in the muse. B

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