Recommendations and References

Here’s what some of the people I’ve worked with are saying about me.

Elizabeth Creith is one of those writers lucky enough to have a rare combination of right and left brain talent.

I consider myself lucky to have worked with Elizabeth, during her time as a regular weekly commentator on our morning show. No matter how tight the deadline, or how strange the topic we asked her to tackle, she always delivered. Our listeners loved her. She’s the first person I’d want on my creative team.

Ruth Reid, A.M. News editor, anchor

I first read Elizabeth Creith back in the “ancient 80’s” when I was hosting a radio show for the CBC. We had put out a call for new writers/presenters and amongst the dozen or so packs of sample material we received was an envelope containing ruminations and reflections on life from a modern day Susannah Moodie who was anchored down on a century old farm in the wilds of Northern Ontario. This was, of course, Elizabeth Creith, and to say that her writing was head and shoulders above the rest of the pack would be an understatement. I distinctly recall three things about those “miniature essays”; they were technically very well written – sentence structure, grammar, etc. The writer had a wonderful eye for detail; her love of the land, the animals and the people who inhabit it fairly “leaked” from her prose. The third thing I recall was thinking, rather selfishly, “These stories can go straight to air exactly as they are”. (They did. And Ms. Creith delivered them like she’d been doing it all her life.)

Eric Moore, CBC Northern Ontario Radio

(former Host of Morning North)

CBC Northern Ontario Radio

I’ve worked in publishing for 30 years, and Elizabeth Creith is easily one of the smartest readers I’ve ever met. When I give her a piece of my writing to look over, I know I’ll get back a clear-eyed, ultra-precise, no-holds-barred set of comments that hit the nail squarely on the head, every time. She can discuss everything from the most picayune matters of punctuation to the most sweeping insights about life, love and the universe. With her help, I’ve pushed my writing projects in exactly the right direction: into the heart of the matter! Elizabeth is one of my secret weapons.

Gordon Graham

award-winning writer and


Without your encouragement and attention to detail, “The Cheesemaker” would never have been published. You not only pointed out areas where I had either misspelled a word or left one out,  you offered ideas about the characters and plot. I’m thinking especially of George, who I had painted too harshly. You are kind and generous in your role as editor. Anyone lucky enough to have you as a proofreader and/or editor will end up with an improved story, novel, article, etc.

Anna Peerbolt

Five years ago I wrote a story called “An Almost Perfect Day” that I left unfinished. Recently I went back, and with the editorial assist of Elizabeth Creith, who’s a grammarian and punctuationista par excellence, I finalized the work for submission to a conference, for which I was accepted.

Lucinda Kempe

I was really stressed out about writing my statement of purpose as part of my application to graduate school. As an English major, I thought it would reflect poorly on me if my grammar was anything but impeccable. I had Elizabeth look over my statement of purpose before I sent it in, and not only did I get into graduate school, but they still have no idea that I’m grammatically challenged! I would highly recommend Elizabeth Creith’s proofreading services!

Dawn Allison

Elizabeth is a delight to work with! Her prose is crisp and stinging (in the good way), getting to the heart of a matter deftly. She constantly meets or exceeds deadlines, more often than not better and faster than her editors!

I recommend her highly.

Jim Noonan, President, Jameson & Co.

Elizabeth Creith has been a writing associate for over three years.  Her support and encouragement bolstered me through many rough drafts, and her editing and reviewing skills are impeccable.  It would be nearly impossible to find anyone else I trust so implicitly with my work, not just for grammar, spelling and punctuation, but also for her invaluable insights on theme, structure, and possible markets.  Be assured that Elizabeth will give her full attention to any piece of writing she agrees to work with, above and beyond any expectation.  In addition to her writing expertise, Elizabeth is a dedicated, hard-working, truly caring person, in whom I have complete trust and confidence.

Autumn Humphrey

About my story “Dark Chocolate”

A deceptively clever little story, which borrows equally from the gothic sensibilities of Edgar Allen Poe and Stephen King’s knack for extracting horror from the everyday, with a twist ending that startles as much as it delights.

Pasha Malla, judge

Northwestern Ontario Writers’ Workshop

Flash Fiction category

About my poetry cycle “Wheel of the Year”

The poet handles the traditional form with aplomb, only seldom giving way to archaic speech in order to keep to the strict metrical foot. However, these few slip-ups are outweighed by the musicality of the language and carefully crafted images.

Betsy Struthers, judge

Northwestern Ontario Writers’ Workshop

Poetry category