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One leg at a time

At the beginning of February I went down to Elmvale to see my family. My sister Carla and my brother’s two boys, William and Cian (Kee-an) and I visited the Ontario Science Centre. What a great day! We could have … Continue reading

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Self-publishing with a twist

I’m fresh from a business-of-writing meeting to this post. It was a small meeting, only three of us there. We summarized our accomplishments since the last meeting, made our commitments for next month and generally talked shop, which is always … Continue reading

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The old technology still works

On Zoetrope last week a few of us were griping about stories lost when computers crashed, or flash drives suddenly stopped flashing. It took me back almost twenty years to my first computer, a second-hand Commodore 64, on which I … Continue reading

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Seasonal Affective – creativity?

This morning I had to look twice to be sure that all that white stuff on the ground wasn’t snow, but frost. It was frost. All the same, winter’s coming; I know it, and Sky knows it. Winter is her … Continue reading

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Discipline, discipline

I’m easily distracted; oh, yes, I am. Part of the problem is that I’m an artist who is not wedded to any particular medium. I’ve worked in paper, pottery, textiles and words. I’ve done engraving, linoleum cuts, woodcuts, bookmaking, origami … Continue reading

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The commonplace book

A commonplace book is a book wherein you write bits of prose, poetry or overheard stuff that you want to remember. I keep a commonplace book, and have for some years now. I believe I’m on volume five. I’d never … Continue reading

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The work of handmind

Ursula K. LeGuin’s “Always Coming Home” is one of my favourite books, one which I take out nearly every year and dip into. It’s not actually a novel, but rather a picture of two post-apocalyptic societies. It contains poetry, short … Continue reading

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